New Season

Wiping the bleariness that still rested around my eyes, I padded into the kitchen. The pup sat down on the floor, jingling her tags as she scratched at an early morning itch. My socks shuffled along the laminate floor as I turned the faucet to fill her water bowl. Through the window, I suddenly noticed the kitchen was a wash of soft, neon pink. Bouncing and lighting on the counter and casting a haze on the lace curtains. 

The sky was canvas of hot pink and deep, velvety blue, the air outside, cold and crisp, fighting for warmth and a new season. 


Cold Coffee

Empty spot by the window
Open hands
Wandering thought
The ins and outs of life
And cappuccinos
Why I cut my hair
When it grows long
I’ll try new habits
And call them rituals
Full of dreams and
New endeavors
But the seat next to me
Is no longer empty
It is full of you
Laughter and tears
Black coffee and
The smell of clean laundry
Pen marks I long
To capture on paper
To hold you
Just a moment or two longer
Or for one more sip
Of now cold coffee

-Em. O January 2018

2017 IN PHOTOS 10.17-12.17 THE END

If you’ve waited around and read this far… here is the wrap up to my year in photos….


OCTOBER 2017 (the best month.)


Coffee fest, pumpkins, donuts, fall fashion, IT freaking my pup out on Beggar’s Night…. day drinking, outdoor movies, a failed attempt at book club, friends and food and so much coffee. October is always the best. 



Leaves, and freezing and coffee and throwing my first Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, lots of cooking, a collab with JORD Wood Watches, puppy walks, squeezing out every last bit of golden weather before real winter set in….


December was a whirlwind. Parties and friends and trips and the holidays… honestly it flew by and I was kind of thankful for the season to be over. I’m feeling a bit bittersweet as I write this in January, but looking back, December was full of fun and good times and I’m grateful for all of it! Hope you all enjoyed a little trip down memory lane with me.

2017 IN PHOTOS 7.17-9.17


July was nutty in a good way… my sister was back in the States, lots of summer things like iced coffees and swimming and puppies in bandannas… also a trip to Pennsylvania for a wedding, with a quick pop over in NYC to see a friend and watch the Game of Thrones season premiere…



August was lots of time spent outside, cocktails, a trip to Philadelphia for a friend from high school’s wedding, more iced coffee and live music….



In August I visited Chicago, started spending most of my Friday mornings with my best Columbus girls, drank lots of coffee and saw Sylvan Esso live and went through a break-up.

2017 IN PHOTOS, 04.17-6.17


April was a lot of hurry up and wait for warmer weather… Ohio is such a tease when it comes to spring… then all of a sudden its 80 degrees and you’re sweating. Lots of brunches and coffee and time with my sister… a little bit of an emotional roller coaster, a partial broken heart, but also planning for some big things in May….


In May, I finally purchased an upright piano. I volunteered at the Designer’s Show House at the Columbus Museum of Art… and, we got our little fur monster, Molly…..



June was full of puppy moments… storms, dates, drinks and friends. I hosted a wine night, and gave my best friend her first Jeni’s ice cream experience…

2017 IN PHOTOS, 01.17-03.17


Highs and lows from January 2017 include trying to stay warm, an excursion to the Franklin Conservatory, feeling like I was falling in love, and some swanky new glasses….



February was a trip to North Carolina where I ended up in Urgent Care for a terrible tooth infection, which I battled the entire month… a trip to Florida to soak up some sun and visit the family, feeling frustrated with my work… and the first pangs for the year of a broken heart. 



In March I was trying to be carefree, trying to enjoy any bit of spring that displayed itself, and spending time with my sister in Columbus….


More to come…

Best Nine of 2017

Its always fascinating to see what posts garnered the most engagement on Instagram. I was just thinking how I can post a stunning photo, taken with a DSLR, with perfect settings, but sometimes it will only get 50-60 likes… whereas when I post a selfie, a lot of time I hit the triple digits and get a load of comments and interaction. 

I think with my feed, a lot of it has to do with the caption and writing. A lot of times selfies I post are accompanied by thoughts and words, a bit of a journal entry almost, and those seem to really strike a chord with my followers. This makes me entirely happy! As someone who uses visuals AND words to convey feelings and thoughts, it warms my heart when others connect with the things I write. 

I’m also becoming aware that photos with beautiful skies are fairly popular for me… and I ain’t mad. Filing all this away for the new year and new posts… but, as always, sometimes I don’t even care if a post gathers a ton of likes… if its a photo that speaks to me, or marks a moment I want to remember, I’m going to post it… but I am becoming a little more aware of cultivating my feed and putting more thought into it. I hope you all are enjoying!



‘Tis the Season

Raise your glass to all the festivities of the holiday season… baking cookies, craft markets, parties with friends, seasonal coffees, Christmas movies, cuddling in comfy clothes, twinkle lights, time with family… right now I’m focusing on all the good and fun stuff, and not the ever growing list that needs to be “accomplished” before Christmas Day. 



Exchanging gifts with all the special people in my life

Christmas Eve at my parent’s

My work Christmas party

A cookie and cocktail party with my girlfriends

A quick road trip to NC to visit my bestie, her family, and the new baby Bolvi

Throwing a knock-off pre-New-Years-Eve party for my friends, with the main purpose of drinking fancy cocktails (or straight up champagne) and wearing my new silver romper

What are the things you’re looking forward to this holiday season?



Goodbye Year

Anyone else getting ready to kick 2017 to the wayside and say hello to a new year? In all honesty, yes, as a whole, news-related, politics etc year, 2017 was a sh*t-storm… but, honestly, for myself, it wasn’t a total flaming pile of trash. 

I will say its been a long year. A crazy year. But not an all bad year. In the last few weeks left of the year, I want to take some time and reflect, look at my goals and journal from the past year, and look forward to the year to come. 

I don’t make resolutions in the technical sense… but I’m a list maker, and enjoy planning- so I’m sure I’ll sit and plan out some things.

One huge thing I’m thankful for in 2017 is that I met some amazing lady friends via Instagram- and am digging having some awesome friends that I get to do big and small things with on a weekly basis. It makes life happy. 

Big THANKS to my talented friend Mikayla for these awesome photos we shot randomly after going to the Creative Babes Christmas Cheers Market on Sunday!


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